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Guinea , Sunday 25 February 2018

News Guinea » Traffic: Guinea's internet exchange point is ready - minister

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Publication date: hursday 15 February 2018

The IXP provides faster connectivity through the interconnection of different ISPs that exchange internet traffic between their networks through peer-to-peer peering agreements. Guinea's IXP was financed by the World Bank for 3.5 billion Guinean Francs ...

News Guinea » Traffic: Orange Walk man dies in fatal road traffic accident this morning

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Publication date: Sunday 25 February 2018

Further investigation revealed that Alvin Reneau, 25, also of August Pine Ridge was driving the van from Guinea Grass Village towards Shipyard when he lost control of the van and crashed into some trees that resulted in Mencias who was seated in the ...

News Guinea » Traffic: Albury's poisoned tree in Guinea Street has been removed from the streetscape

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Publication date: uesday 13 February 2018

was closed to traffic from 9am to shortly before 3pm for the operation. A team of council workers removed foliage and branches before tackling the trunk and leaving a stump barely above ground level. Cut to the bare trunk. Poisoned tree in Albury's Guinea ...

News Guinea » Traffic: Guinea pigs rescued from Louisa hoarder closer to adoption

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Publication date: onday 12 February 2018

(Photo: Richmond Wildlife Center) CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Melissa Stanley lathers up the hair of a guinea pig she affectionately calls Mamacita. Shampoo sessions like this one have become common at the Richmond Wildlife Center, where nearly 20 guinea ...

News Guinea » Traffic: Equatorial Guinea Travel Advisory

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Publication date: Wednesday 10 January 2018

Traffic Laws: U.S. citizens on short stays are permitted to drive with an International Driver’s License. There are currently no distracted driving laws in effect in Equatorial Guinea, but police may pull over drivers who talk or text while driving.

News Guinea » Traffic: Lively Illegal Border Traffic Runs From Senegal to Portuguese Guinea

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Publication date: Sunday 21 October 1973

BANGANGA, Senegal, Oct. 12 — Jean Correa returned this morning to his village from boarding school to help With the harvest. He ran with eager young cousins to check the corn, sorghum and rice crops and to pause for a short time to ask the spirit of the ...

News Guinea » Traffic: Guinea Bissau: Cocaine traffic hub

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Publication date: Sunday 15 November 2009

Second Of Two Parts — As a senior police official, Edmundo Mendes' job is to arrest the South American cocaine traffickers who use his troubled West African country, with its starry array of remote islands, as a transit point for drug shipments bound for ...

News Guinea » Traffic: Risking death to save lives in Guinea

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Publication date: onday 23 October 2017

Soon after their departure, they are stuck in traffic. Conakry is at a ... Most villages and even towns in Guinea are lacking the most basic services. Nurse Benjamin risks death to save lives in Guinea Kissidougou and its 200,000 inhabitants get only ...

News Guinea » Traffic: West Africa: Nigeria, Others Scramble for Airspace in Gulf of Guinea

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Publication date: onday 31 August 2015

The experts said Nigeria currently has advantage over other countries in the region, in terms of infrastructure, to control air traffic at the Gulf of Guinea as they observed that the radar in the country could cover areas beyond the Gulf of Guinea.